Where is the best place for a trampoline in the yard?

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Where is the best place for a trampoline in the yard? It’s a valid question which we will address in this post.

Where is the best place for a trampoline in the yard?The safety of a trampoline concerns everyone. Children, teenagers, and adults will all benefit from this sports and leisure equipment. 

There are different surfaces in a garden or yard, and each of them will need to be adapted to accommodate a trampoline. Make sure that the ground is flat, avoid the sunny bits and exposed areas, find an open space away from any pools, in sight of the house and no trees, cables, or wires above it.

Before assembling a trampoline, it will be necessary to think about the space that will accommodate it. 

Read on if you just got a new trampoline and are wondering where best to install the thing.

Where is the best place for a trampoline in the yard? Introduction

Currently, most trampolines in a garden are installed on grass. It is the ideal surface to ensure the excellent stability of the trampoline. 

The anchoring kit fixes the trampoline legs to the ground and grass is the most common floor found in gardens with a bit of space.

If your garden is primarily covered by compacted ground such as concrete or asphalt, a trampoline with a safety net is mandatory

Moreover, the anchoring system will also have to be studied since it will be impossible to dig in as it is with a grass surface.

In any case, it is not recommended to install a trampoline on a slope. 

Flat ground is always recommended since a sloping area will cause stability problems. 

If there is no flat space in your yard, you must dig a hole under the legs of the trampoline to level the ground or you can put the trampoline into the ground. This will allow you to have no more tilt.

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The best place to assemble and use a trampoline

The setup and location of a trampoline can be different. 

In fact, you can do some of the installation work outside the area that will support the trampoline. 

This way, you can assemble the frame, legs, and jumping sheet elsewhere. It is only when the anchor kit is placed that the selection of the place comes into play. 

Of course, installing the protection net and the last elements such as the ladder will be done afterward.

Opt for a location with little sunlight

The position of the trampoline must be studied to limit its exposure to the sun. This protects children from excessive heat when they are on it. 

In addition, the heat that builds upon the trampoline may cause some materials to deteriorate. 

The jumping fabric is the element most affected by the sun since it reacts poorly to high temperatures over a long period.

Choose an open area

The trampoline must be kept away from any fixed installation. 

Therefore, it is recommended to install it away from walls and fences. The same applies to other equipment such as swings and slides. 

Also, remember to keep it away from any plants. In all cases, allow at least 6.5 feet from any decor.

Install the trampoline away from a pool

The installation of a trampoline must be away from a swimming pool. This will prevent a possible fall into the water. 

Besides, children have a particular taste for risk, and they may have the idea to use the trampoline as a diving board. This is far from a good idea since it is obviously dangerous.

Clear the space above the trampoline

To avoid any risk of injury, it is recommended to place the trampoline where there is nothing above it. 

Avoid putting a trampoline under a tree. Apart from the safety issue, it protects the jumping mat from dead leaves and bird droppings

In addition, anything above the trampoline must be out of the way, such as overhead cables and clotheslines.

Avoid exposed areas

Although it is advisable to choose an open area, avoiding areas exposed to the wind is best. 

Despite the structure’s weight, the wind can blow the trampoline away. This is caused by the jump cloth and the protective net acting as a sail. 

If you have no choice, you must be extra careful with the fastening system.

Consider underground facilities

If possible, avoid placing a trampoline over an access hatch to underground facilities. 

If the trampoline is placed over these, it will require the trampoline to be moved or disassembled in case of maintenance or repair. 

You will then be forced to remove the trampoline anchors. 

Choose a location within sight of the house

When you can’t watch your children closely, the trampoline’s location should be within sight of the house. 

In other words, at least one window should allow you to observe the children while they are on the structure. 

You will then be quickly notified in case of any incident.

Uninstalling a trampoline: How to do it?

As you know, trampolines cannot be used all year round. The best idea to protect the trampoline from the winter season is to uninstall it. 

You only have to follow the reverse process of the assembly for that. Simply store it in a safe place, and when disassembled, it will not take up much space.

If you do not want to uninstall the whole trampoline, you can leave the frame and legs. Generally, these items are climate resistant. 

Simply remove the safety net, jumping mat, protective pad, springs, and other accessories such as the ladder. 

If you don’t want to disassemble it and then reassemble it, you can always consider a protective cover. This protects the trampoline from the weather. 

Even in the case of a heatwave, this cover should be installed to protect the whole.

Tip: For more detailed maintenance information, check out our trampoline maintenance checklist: Trampoline maintenance: Checklist & tips to keep in mind

Where is the best place for a trampoline in the yard? Conclusion

Determining the best place for a trampoline is as important as anything else related to trampolining.

Try to find an open space in full sight of the house, with no overlaying interference, a flat surface, and the least exposure possible.

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