Why ergonomic beach chairs ensure a comfortable day at the beach

Megan Smith
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Ergonomic beach chairs can be a fundamental part of enjoying your day at the beach or summer trip.

why ergonomic beach chairs ensure a comfortable day at the beachWhile a beach chair doesn’t offer the same comfort as your sofa, you don’t want a backache on a beach getaway.

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why (plus-size) beach enthusiasts should use ergonomic beach chairs (if they don’t already).

We also pay attention to some important considerations to select the best ergonomic beach chair for heavy people.

Reasons to invest in ergonomic beach chairs

Posture support

If there’s anything you need to worry about after hours of sitting, it’s your posture.

Regular beach chairs without basic ergonomics tend to make you lean forward as they don’t have a proper back height.

That is one problem an ergonomic beach chair fixes.

With the full-length back support for a natural posture, an ergonomic beach chair improves your posture.

Read our article Are beach chairs bad for your back? for more information about this topic.

Minimizes pressure on your hips

Your hips bear the consequences when it comes to supporting the weight of your body.

However, beach lovers who use an ergonomic beach chair do not know this problem.

These ergonomic beach chairs help to minimize the pressure on your hips. The reason? They offer the right seat depth to support the hips.

Optimum security while unwinding

Ergonomic beach chairs are ideal for plus-size beach fans. And this fact isn’t a coincidence.

These chairs have actually been tested and licensed to ensure the optimum security of the users, even when plus-size and/or tall.

Long-lasting use

Because ergonomic beach chairs are designed for long-term use.

In other words, if you buy one, you can be sure you won’t have to buy the beach chair again and again.

There is always a warranty, so you can have the beach chair repaired or get a new one at a huge discount if a part is not working properly.

Minimized discomfort in the lower back

Lower back discomfort and neck pain are the most common discomforts that plus-size users have in a regular beach chair.

The shape of a traditional beach chair doesn’t support the correct posture, especially after multiple hours of use.

An ergonomic beach chair ensures better relaxation and minimizes body aches.

These ergonomic beach chairs focus on essential pain points in order to minimize discomfort.

Indispensable features for an ergonomic beach chair

There are a few ergonomic beach chairs that provide a combination of both comfort and safety.

While minding a correct posture, pick one of the following comfy and safe beach chairs for plus-size people without having to invest a fortune.

Here are a couple of things to look out for:

  • Mind the shape of the beach chair:
    • Find an ergonomic beach chair that reclines, has a headrest and lets you flex your knees
    • Even if the beach chair is flat, it’s essential to be able to bend your knees on your own without assistance
  • Avoid beach chairs that force you to sink back and swing your legs over a bar:
    • Even if you find a comfy one, having your hips lower than your knees always puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back
  • Pay attention to the weight limit of the beach chair:
  • Get a beach chair with seat cushions:
    • Make sure that everything in the ergonomic beach chair is made of breathable material
    • It also needs to be thick and comfortable enough to let you sit for long hours
  • Choose a beach chair with a seat that keeps your hips and knees at the same height:
    • Otherwise, you want a beach chair that entirely reclines backward and allows you to lay down (called gravity beach chairs)
    • Tip: Buy a beach chair in which you can bend your knees at a 90° angle while seated with a nice, healthy body posture
  • Adjustability is an essential factor to consider:
    • The ergonomic beach chair you want to purchase needs to be fully adjustable
    • An adjustable tilt and/or seat height and an adjustable backrest and headrest are interesting features to have

Avoid uncomfortable beach chairs

Tip: Check online reviews of ergonomic beach chairs.

If you read multiple reviews from people who say they were already uncomfortable the moment they sat down, you will also be uncomfortable in that particular beach chair.

In that case, choose a different model!

Last tip: Avoid foldable heavy-duty beach chair models that have a support bar/beam that pokes into your back or neck.

Beach chairs are developed for relaxing purposes

Always remember to enjoy your free time and relaxing activities while sitting in a beach chair.

You may want to be a little productive on the beach from time to time. Bringing your laptop or tablet might seem like a good idea…

But it’s terrible to be hunched over your electronic devices in a beach chair instead of a desk.

It’s an easy way to strain your neck and back! Avoid this!

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