Why should I buy a recliner? Considerations before buying

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You may be asking yourself: “Why should I buy a recliner?”…

why should I buy a recliner considerations before buyingA house feels a lot more like home if you have great, comfy chairs to plop down in after a long day.

A wise man once said: always invest in the things that come between you and the ground: a bed, shoes, chairs, and so on.

A great reclining chair is an item you’ll enjoy every day for years to come.

An excellent one will provide the comfort and support you need while making your living room relaxing.

When you imagine your dream recliner chair, what do you see? A big, puffy leather seat that’s best for lying back in?

Or something that fits your living room’s style and rocks back-and-forth?

Why should I buy a recliner? Introduction

Everybody wants an excellent recliner chair to sink back in, but many wonder how to buy a recliner chair that fits their exact wants and needs.

There are countless recliner chairs on the market.

If you’re going to choose the right one for your home, weight, size, and body, you must put some real consideration into the buying procedure.

There are dozens of elements to examine, from the upholstery to the size and price.

Considerations before purchasing a reclining chair

If you’re all set to start on your recliner-buying journey, take a look at our recliner buying ideas below for more information!

In it, we evaluate the most crucial things to think about before buying the ideal recliner for a plus-size person to unwind in.

Material of the recliner

The materials used play a massive role in buying a recliner chair.

Recliner chairs do not just come in different colors and styles. They are made with different fabrics too.

Although leather recliner chairs are usually the most luxurious and asked, there are benefits and drawbacks to different sorts of chair products.

Leather recliner

Leather recliners not only feel amazing, they also look amazing in your house.

The sleek, smooth look of leather quickly makes your chair look more expensive.

Plus, leather is extremely resilient, and figuring out how to clean leather is easier than other materials.

On the other side, leather chairs are more sensitive to scratches than material recliners.

You may want to reconsider this choice if you have animals that will be climbing all over your brand-new piece of furniture with their sharp claws.

Fabric recliner

Many people take joy in fabric reclining chairs because they are incredibly comfy.

They can be made from velour, cotton, chenille, or other materials.

Most fabrics are made to breathe well and provide an outstanding place for relaxation.

Sadly, fabric recliners can also be stained more quickly and need more maintenance than leather recliners.

If you spill something, hurry up and grab that spot cleaner because your pricy chair might quickly be destroyed.

Size of the recliner chair

Hopefully, judging the various kinds of recliners has actually offered you a better idea of what you’re searching for in a brand-new chair.

Now, it’s time to think about just how much physical space you actually have in your house to fit your new piece of furniture.

Take a look at the area you have in your room, and take accurate measurements to decide what will fit best.

Furthermore, you’ll need to think about what size of reclining chair best fits your body.

The better the chair can adjust to the shape and size of your body, the more pressure will be taken from your aching joints and muscles.

Small recliner chairs

A “small” recliner chair starts at 39″ or less in width.

This is generally an excellent size for small individuals.

It fits perfectly in apartments or living rooms with extremely little space.

Medium recliner chairs

The mid-sized, or general, recliner chair starts at about 40″ broad.

This is the typical size you see in furnishings shops and fits most body sizes easily.

Extra-large recliner chairs: Why should I buy a recliner?

Oversized recliners, also called “big and tall” recliners, are 50″ or more in width.

They’re built to support larger and heavier individuals, and as a result, they take up more room in a space.

You’ll need a minimum of one foot, possibly up to three feet, of space from the wall to prevent scuffing when the chair flattens out.

Price of the reclining chair

If you’re trying to learn exactly how to buy a recliner, the price is most likely the greatest driver.

Keep in mind, a recliner chair isn’t simply any chair. It’s a seat that’s developed to be incredibly supportive, comfortable, and resilient.

More innovation and knowledge goes into the design of a recliner chair than in a regular chair you’d buy for your living room.

As a result, reclining chairs also cost more than average leather or fabric chairs.

You might easily invest anywhere from $275 to $6,200 on an expensive recliner.

So it’s crucial to get a strict budget before you start shopping seriously.

The more devices and high-quality functions that are combined in the reclining chair, the heavier the price tag.

Choose which aspects are the most crucial to you. Then, formulate a number that appears reasonable for your perfect reclining chair.

A great and reasonable cost for long-lasting products and great comfort typically lies between $750 and $2,500.

Recliner mechanism

Although this may seem like nitty-gritty information best left to the professionals, all consumers need to know how their recliner chairs work on the inside.

Do you want to buy a high-quality reclining chair that makes relaxing even much easier?

Then you’ll probably want a high-end motor system that gives you more than just one reclining option.

When you buy a recliner with a manual recline with spring-based technology, the chair will quickly pop into its place.

On the other hand, if you decide to buy one with a whisper-quiet motor system, you’ll get more position options with smoother shifts.

Think about what kind of experience you want your recliner chair to provide and how many alternatives you want from the seat.

This will affect how you choose a chair during your hunt!

Frame of the recliner

Another thing to consider is one you can’t see: What is the chair made of underneath all that technology and fabric?

Recliner chair frames should be made to last longer than those of everyday furniture.

You want something that will not bend or break as the years pass.

Try to find recliners that are made from sturdy steel and hardwood frames.

These types of recliners typically provide sufficient balance and stability for heavier users! Read more about it in our article How to keep a recliner from tipping forward?.

These kinds of frames are known to stand the test of time. They also provide you a fantastic value for the cash you’re investing in the chair.

Is a recliner ergonomic?

A great reclining chair should be developed to perfectly fit and support humans of all types, weights, and heights.

It should contour your body parts to offer hours of comfort, while also getting rid of stress and relieving tiredness.

As you search for your dream reclining chair, test them out to see what type of support the chairs are truly supplying.

Even the fanciest of seats must offer the lower back support you’re searching for, as well as correct leg and head support.

Types of recliners: Why should I buy a recliner?

Despite the kind of recliner you initially think of when you hear the word, many styles provide various advantages.

Before committing to any recliner, check out some of the most popular types.

This way, you’ll guarantee yourself you’re buying the one that best suits your lifestyle and body.

Power lift recliner chair

Want a recliner that will do everything for you?

A power lift recliner is fully motorized, which means it can help push you out of the chair and stand up.

The ones who benefit the most from this kind of reclining chairs are people:

It’s usually one of the more expensive options at many reclining chair shops.

This is the case because this type of chair is geared up with so much technology.

Two-position recliner chair

This style’s name is pretty self-descriptive.

Usually, the two-position reclining chair is the most common option you’ll see in a store.

It’s the most limited type of reclining chair because it only has 2 positions: upright or completely reclined.

As soon as you launch the foot lever, the chair’s back flattens out with the weight of your body.

Wall hugger reclining chair

The wall hugger (or wall-saver) makes it easy to delight in the benefits of a recliner without losing any more space in a limited area.

This recliner chair style simply needs about half a foot of area from the wall when completely reclined.

You don’t need to worry about scraping up your paint and leaving scuff marks on the wall.

Massage recliner chair

If you truly want to relax, there’s no much better alternative than a massage recliner.

This type of recliner chair kneads, knocks, and vibrates your aching body parts.

Why should I buy a recliner? To enjoy a massage intensely

After a long day of work, relax in a chair that pays for itself with quality massages.

Push-back recliner chair

Don’t want to reach for a lever or power button to make your chair recline?

The pushback recliner chair flattens out with simply a push from your back.

A lot of these recliners don’t have a footrest.

So if you want to stretch out your legs while relaxing, this is something to consider.

Rocker recliner chair aka glider

Consider a rocker reclining chair (or glider) if you want an affordable alternative.

This is a recliner chair that can flatten out and rock when upright.

This is a great choice for people who like to be rocked to sleep with a gentle movement, even for parents that are continuously trying to ease their child.

Functions or features of the recliner


What good is a supreme relaxation chair if you don’t have a place to put your favorite drink?

You may want to think about a recliner chair that comes with a built-in cup or glass holder, because who wants to hold their drink after a stressful day.

Phone or tablet holder

Are your hands and wrists tired of holding up your digital gadget?

Look for a recliner chair with a phone/tablet holder that allows multiple viewing positions.

With this gadget, you can read your favorite e-book or enjoy your shows without tiring your arms.

Built-in battery

Having a built-in battery is helpful for those of you who are interested in buying recliners with motorized features.

If you don’t want to plug the recliner chair into a hard-to-reach outlet, you might want to buy a wireless recliner chair battery pack.

That way, nobody trips over the cable, while you still have power even when there’s a power failure.

Pillows for your back, neck, and head

Trying to find a recliner chair to relieve a few of your head and neck pains?

You’ll surely want to get a pillow that’s specifically designed to offer those areas extra assistance.

Browse recliner chair pillows with ergonomic shapes to accomplish ultimate muscle relief.

Many can be attached with an easy anti-slip strap that holds the pillow in place.

Find one that matches your dream recliner chair, then easily slip it over the headrest.

Built-in light

Forget about getting up to switch on the light whenever you need to see something!

Pick a recliner chair with an integrated (LED) light source to make changing the channel, reading, or eating in your chair really simple.

Tray table

Are you someone who likes to invest their free time searching the internet, reading, or writing?

In that case, you’ll probably want to pick a reclining chair that has a laptop table.

This table will let you work comfortably in any position while still enjoying the support of your brand-new chair.

Why should I buy a recliner? Conclusion

Starting your search for the ideal recliner chair without a clear goal in mind is like trying to buy a car when you’ve spent your entire life cycling or walking.

Recliners are created to help and support you in specific ways.

They can quickly improve your comfort if you know what functions, features and style you’re looking for.

Keep these factors in mind when you start your buying journey.

The more thought you put into your recliner purchase, the better you will be with the brand-new addition to your house.

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