Why start running when overweight? Huge benefits

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Why start running when overweight? The benefits of running are enormous, you just have to run regularly to notice!

Why start running when overweight? Huge benefits

So if some of you are wondering why run, we’ll help you answer that question.

There are five good reasons to start running when overweight. There is nothing quite like running to increase self-confidence and mental strength, reduce stress, improve your work life, make you happier, and give you several health benefits, all at the same time.

As a runner, it’s not about explaining, but about feeling the benefits physically and mentally.

But when it comes to starting, if we had to convince newbies, the 5 good reasons in this article are the ones we would emphasize.

Why start running when overweight? 5 Good reasons

Running is good for your health and the more runners (or athletes in general) there are, the better the collective health will be.

Here are the 5 benefits of running that we would definitely mention!

You’ve probably read them, but did you know that they are also scientifically proven?

This will help you understand that it’s not about being a fanatic who wants to convince everyone to run.

So it’s not merely one runner’s opinion who wants to convince everyone to get on board. Even if it is our goal in the end.

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Running builds mental strength and self-confidence

One of the benefits of running experienced by many is that success or failure is both mental and physical.

It will be a difficult phase to get through when you start off.

That is the phase where the body and mind rebel and try to show us that running is neither fun nor good.

You have to be highly motivated and convinced of the benefits of running, and have confidence in yourself, to get past this.

Persevere to overcome this stage and then discover the real pleasure of running. It’s so rewarding to get through this stage.

For highly competitive people, who like running to beat their records and who want to get better, running carries a certain symbolism for them.

It is not a direct and tangible result, but beating a personal record or simply reaching a goal gives a huge confidence boost.

It is a lesson in willpower and perseverance, a realization that we can move mountains if we set our minds to it.

This is valid in sports, but we realize that it is also possible in our daily and professional lives.

Positive impact of running on work life

The physical benefits after training are not the only benefits, as proven by scientific studies.

Post-training enhancement processes would also have a positive effect on learning and memory.

The aforementioned positive aspects of running are also benefits at work.

More fit, less sick, less stressed, with a mind of steel, etc. A runner has a great future ahead!

Health benefits of running

Everyone knows that sport is good for health in general. Running yields multiple benefits that allow you to have an iron health.

It is not by chance that on average runners are less sick than others despite winter training in the cold or rain!

Note that the immune system is particularly strengthened when we run slowly, during fundamental endurance.

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Running also has benefits on heart health or hypertension, as studies have proven.

You strengthen your heart and activate your blood circulation, which speeds up a whole bunch of internal processes that are beneficial to your body.

Today, even asthmatics and people suffering from diabetes or arthritis can start running.

More scientific studies are being carried out, invariably proving that running is prevention against many diseases and can even have a healing effect in some cases.

Running makes you happier

It’s one of those ready-made formulas that doesn’t mean much outside its context. Yet it is true. All runners experience it.

Why run? You have to live it to understand that running makes you happier.

Once you get past the beginning and your body is used to running, you will enjoy it immensely.

That’s why you have to stay motivated and don’t give up at the beginning!

Several studies have proven that endurance helps to purge certain toxic substances produced by stress and anxiety.

But if science tends to prove the benefits of running and sport in general on mental health, the only way to know it is to try it.

It is well known that we only believe what we see! So start running, stick to it and enjoy!

Running relieves stress

This is where many people feel the most immediate benefits of running.

Take a stressful day like we all have. Your inspiration to get through the day may be to imagine the benefits of your evening run.

By just picturing that run, your stress levels begin to drop.

When you put on your runners, you turn off your daily life stresses and just enjoy the moment.

Whatever the type of outing, by the time you get home, all your tension will have given way to relaxation and a smile on your face.

It’s a temporary solution, not a miracle, providing you with a break if you have a lot of stress on your shoulders.

Though temporary, it would be a pity to deprive oneself of it because the body and the spirit need it to keep fighting.

Why start running when overweight? Conclusion

Running is not just for the thinner people, also bigger runners practice running. If you’re plus-size like me, you may appreciate these reviews of top running shoes for big people.

If you are not convinced of the benefits of running after all this, we don’t know what to do.

And again we didn’t cover all the topics because there were plenty of other things to say on the subject. The benefits of running are even more numerous.

In any case, if we had to add one thing, it would be that running does a world of good to you and the ones around you.

Encourage people to run, do sports, and move, it’s a win-win situation. It keeps you healthy, both physically and mentally.

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