Why trampoline exercise is great to boost your immune system

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Why trampoline exercise is great to boost your immune system while having fun!

Why trampoline exercise is great to boost your immune systemColds and flu are quickly picked up these days. But, with good resistance thanks to a healthy immune system, you can be more resilient and armed against various diseases.

As a general rule, a trampoline allows for exercise with less pressure on our body. A trampoline session makes us exercise against gravity, making our bodies work harder. This allows for a healthier immune system, which in turn protects us against colds, flu, and more serious illnesses.

But how does our resistance actually work? And what can you do yourself to improve your resistance?

Read on to learn exactly how the immune system works and how exercising and, more specifically, trampolining contributes to better resistance.

Why trampoline exercise is great to boost your immune system: Introduction

What is resistance anyway? We often talk about “having good resistance” or “building resistance,” but what does it really mean?

By resistance, we refer to the body’s ability to protect itself from disease-causing agents.

Resistance is the immune system that protects the body from external environmental influences, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Our resistance is regulated by the immune system. This is a system consisting of various parts of our body.

Together, these parts work to keep out negative influences and defuse potential threats.

In this process, the skin protects against intruders, and our intestines and stomach also work together to defuse negative influences.

It is an intricate system of various body functions and parts that generally work together wonderfully to keep us in optimal health.

Congenital versus acquired resistance

Part of our immune system is innate, and another part is developed during our lifetime.

This means that part of our resistance is already genetically determined and fixed.

However, there is still plenty of room to work on our nonspecific resistance (the acquired immune system we develop ourselves) or general protection of our health.

And you don’t do that just by building immunity to invaders.

Building up resistance can also be done by giving the body a helping hand with healthy food, good hygiene, enough sleep, and regular enough exercise.

Building resistance is important

Our immune system is so extensive that it can be divided into:

  • An innate immune system, and
  • An acquired immune system

The innate part includes the physical barrier, such as our skin and the general immune functions.

The acquired immune system is the defense that we develop ourselves. Here we do have a significant influence ourselves.

When we talk about building resistance, we refer to improving the acquired immune system. This can happen in a variety of ways.

Thus, you build up immunity against invaders throughout your life by producing antibodies against various diseases. Sports and nutrition also play a crucial role in keeping the immune system in top shape!

Exercise for good resistance

How can exercise help build resistance? First of all, by exercising you develop better fitness. And good fitness is indispensable for good health.

In addition, exercise helps improve all kinds of bodily functions. For example, your lungs are regularly put to work, your digestive tract gets a boost, and your heart pumps harder than ever.

Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, makes your muscles and joints more flexible, and strengthens your bones.

Because exercise puts the body to work in many ways and improves functions, the body is better able to do its job and protect us from unwanted invaders.

And that is why you should consider a fitness session jumping on a mini trampoline for adults!

Tip: If you’re more into working out on your own at home, have a look at our mini trampoline buying guide: How do I choose a mini trampoline? Ultimate mini trampoline buying guide

Trampolining for resistance

Exercise is hugely essential for building resistance. By exercising regularly, you can build up a solid and good condition. And good fitness is vital for overall health and resistance.

By jumping on a mini trampoline, preferably under guidance, you can work on your fitness at your own pace and in your own way, which is one of the biggest advantages of mini trampoline exercise. And all that without putting a lot of pressure on your joints, since the trampoline absorbs many shocks!

In addition, muscles and joints become more flexible, and you work on stronger bones. And that is always a good development!

In addition to getting in better shape by trampolining, you are also working on a healthy digestive tract.

Our stomach and intestines play an essential role in the immune system. It is therefore important to keep them healthy.

In addition, you’ll be working imperceptibly on healthy lungs, a strong heart, and healthy blood pressure. So you can say that trampolining is good for resistance and health in all respects!

5 tips for good resistance during autumn in preparation for winter

Autumn is a beautiful season (and fall is the perfect season to protect your sensitive skin as well).

The beautiful fall leaves color the trees, a fresh breeze is blowing, and delicious fall vegetables are available to make the tastiest soups and dishes.

However, one downside to autumn is that the dropping temperatures mean we’re inside much more often, leading irrevocably to all sorts of cold viruses and flu.

In other words, it is important to give our resistance an extra boost during the autumn months.

So to conclude this article, we give you five more handy tips for good resistance during autumn:

Getting a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential year-round, especially during the fall months when our bodies can use some extra rest and recovery time.

So go to bed on time and make sure you get enough quality sleep.

In doing so, ensure good ventilation in the bedroom by, for example, leaving the window ajar (during sleep) and providing sufficient ventilation during the day.

This allows plenty of fresh air into the room, promoting health and sleep quality.

Fresh air

As tempting as it is to stay inside on rainy days, getting some fresh air every day is really important.

Even if it’s just a walk around the block or a bike ride to the local supermarket. Spending some time in the fresh air is incredibly important for good health.

We need daily sunlight for vitamin D production, and fresh air boosts our bodies in many ways.

Sufficient exercise

We tend to be outside and moving more than the rest of the year in the summer.

But adequate exercise is also important during the colder months of the year.

So, even during the colder months, you need to work on your fitness and resistance.

Good hygiene

Contrary to what many people still think, we don’t get sick from the wind, rain, or drafts in the colder months.

On the other hand, we do get sick from viruses that are mostly given free rein during these months.

We spend more time inside with the windows closed and the heating on during autumn.

With poor ventilation and lots of close contacts, viruses are simply transmitted faster.

Good hygiene is therefore essential to prevent contamination. Wash your hands regularly with soap, don’t cough or sneeze randomly, and make sure you have clean handkerchiefs.

Healthy diet

Healthy eating is incredibly important in building good health.

A few extra bananas or a glass of orange juice won’t instantly protect you for autumn and winter.

But eating balanced and varied foods daily really does work wonders. Here, a good amount of fruits and vegetables is essential.

Ensure you have enough fiber, protein, fat, and carbohydrates to have all the building blocks you need to function optimally.

Why trampoline exercise is great to boost your immune system: Conclusion

Working out safely is key, and trampoline exercise will do just that.

You’ve now learned that, besides being fun, the overall effect of trampolining allows for boosting your immune system, effectively protecting yourself against the common cold and more serious diseases and even improving your cardiovascular system.

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